About Us

In the 1970s Egypt’s then President Sadat commenced his "Open Door Policy" for economic reform. This was designed to encourage private and foreign investment and to reduce the role of the state in the economy. This created a demand for a new type of commercial law firm in Egypt and in 1981 Al Kamel Law office was founded in 1981 to meet that demand.

Today Al Kamel Law Office is on of Egypt’s leading independent law firms.

Key facts:

  • We have 8 partners, more than 30 lawyers and a total staff of over 100
  • We are the second largest law firm in Egypt
  • Languages spoken include: English, Arabic, French and German.


  • We have worked on many of the most important deals and legal matters in Egypt over the last 25 years View details of some of our more recent work.
  • We have a wide ranging client list that includes many of both Egypt’s and the World’s leading companies. View just some of the companies we have served.
  • Al Kamel Law Offices is the preferred partner in Egypt of law firms all over the world, including many of the world’s leading law firms. We have an open door policy and do not have exclusive arrangements with any firm. View just some of the firms that we have worked with.
  • We are widely recommended in a number of international directories. See those recommendations.

Our Approach
Our approach is based on treating clients and staff as part of our extended family and so the same service and care extends to individuals as to our large European, American, Asian, African, and Egyptian client base. Key aspects of this are:

  • Understanding the clients needs and delivering high quality value for money services
  • Providing value added services including:
    • Keeping clients informed about changes in law and compliance requirements
    • Training in specialist areas such as tax and labor law
  • Our cross border clients appreciate the local knowledge management we can provide supported by a solid network of public and private sector contracts.

Most importantly of all, our track record demonstrates that no effort is considered too great when it comes to protecting our clients' interests.